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Steve, London

Nick, Northampton

Ahmed, London

Hi Ian I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic bike I have brought from you and thank you for your very friendly and helpful advice I highly recommend  you to my friends  and everyone that Admires it. Buy a Hammer Bike  it’s the best.

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Kind regards

November 2017
I’d been looking at e-bikes for some time but being something of a purist of conventional road and off road bikes, I was struggling to shake off the idea of battery assist as something not really for me. Images of odd looking designs for lets face it, those who may not be as fit as they once were or perhaps just haven’t got the energy they might like, or perhaps a mixture of both !

Despite all this the Hammer ebike looked increasingly appealing as I looked into it further. There are some regular trips I do which were perhaps too far on a conventional bike, especially as your legs get slightly worn out over time ! This bike offers all the benefits of conventional unassisted - including as much exercise/work out as you wish, if you want it – with exhilaration and a very stable ride. Its as if you have a permanent tail wind, or a sort of kindly magic force propelling you to your destination. In short conventional cycling feels strangely lacking after this and offers something quite different, with journey time considerably reduced.

Ian has been a model of no pressure selling who actively seems to listen, with a very relaxed manner, from initial enquiry, to trial ride, to final sale after sales support. Highly recommend !!

Nick – South Northants.
December, 2017
Just a quick email to say thankyou for the great service, great communication throughout sale and ofcourse for the awesome ebike, really is alot of fun and looks great!
August, 2015

Anne , Manchester

Peter, Newport

Mandie, Brighton

Great communication and lovely bike, thanks.
July, 2015
Its arrived and is completely awesome!!! I will post a review in a bit. For the record 32.1mph :)
September, 2015
I just thought I would drop you a line of gratitude,  where once before I wouldn't have dreamed of taking my bike, I glide around with ease.  I no longer have to think about avoiding the hills and taking the long road home; now I just go as the crow flies.  I have loved every minute that I have spent on my new bike. I can't tell you how chuffed I am, or how it is already changing my cycling life.
October, 2015
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