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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How can I buy one of your amazing high speed electric bikes?
A: Simply click on the price tag or contact us with your requirements and we’ll send you an invoice for payment via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Alternatively if you allready know what you want simply visit our store.
Q: I have seen your advert on eBay and its at a higher price, why is this?
A: As eBay charge us £100 in sellers fees our prices are higher on eBay, this explains why 90% of our customers buy direct!
Q: What kind of range will I get from my ebike and how can I extend it?
A: Range is effected by rider weight, terrain, wind direction, pedal intensity, speed and acceleration. But as a guide our muddyfox ebike will take you 12 miles as a minimum using full speed setting, however by keeping the speed down and  by pedalling a bit this can be more than doubled to 30 miles.
If you need to go further we offer higher capacity batteries, spare chargers (e.g. if you need to top-up your battery at work) or a spare battery which easily fits into a backpack).
Q: Can I use the throttle on its own?
A: Yes, you dont have to pedal at all if you dont want to! (de-restricted mode only)
Q: Do your electric bikes work in the rain?
A:Yes, the electrical components are sealed against our wonderful British weather!

Q: I like the look of the Enduro Ebike, why is there a 6 week wait for delivery?
A: As this ebike can be ordered with customisable features (colour, etc) there is a delay to allow for assembly and shipping. 
Q: I'd like to buy one of your ebikes via my companies cycle to work scheme, is this possible?
A: Unfortunately we are not registered for the cycle to work scheme so cannot offer this option at the moment.

Q: Can I collect an item in person?
A: Yes, you can save the cost of delivery by collecting from our facility in Northampton.
Conversion Kits
Q: I have a bike that I’d really like to convert but don’t have any experience, could you fit the conversion kit for me?
A: Our conversion kits come with detailed instructions and have step by step pictures making it the easiest conversion kit to install on the market, however if you would like us to supply and fit your conversion kit prices start at £899, please contact us for more information.

Ebike Law

Q: Can I ride your Ebikes legally on public roads in the UK?
A: UK ebike law sets the maximum ebike motor size to 250w and the maximum speed to 15.5mph, use of throttles are also not permitted. 
Our ebikes are supplied restricted to 250w output, 15.5mph (25kph) max speed and have the throttle disabled in an attempt to comply with the law. However if the bike has been de-restricted then clearly this is not considered road legal.
De-restriction instructions and a PIN code can be supplied upon reciept of a signed user agreement.

Note: All our ebikes are supplied with 1000w motors resticted to 250w.
Current legislation regarding ebikes in the UK has been updated as recently as April 2015 so if you are in any doubt please contact us for the latest guidelines.
Q: I'd prefer a more upright riding position, can the handlebars be raised up?
A: Yes, we can supply your ebike with raised handle bars, adjustable angle stem or both! (additional charges apply).

Q: I'd prefer a different colour/shape/size/feature/something else. Can you make me something special?
A: Most of that we do is cusomised in some way so if your happy to wait a week or two then the answer is Yes!,

Q: I'd prefer an ebike based on a top of the range mountain bike, do you have other ebikes in your range.
A: Yes, if you'd prefer a higher specification bike then we can offer the Muddyfox Anarchy 400 or Anarchy 500 as the basis for our 1000W ebike. Please contact us for more details. 

If you cant find the answer you are looking for please contact us.